Hario - V60 Drip-Assist Filter Set 1-4 Cups|PDA-1524-T|With 40 Filter Papers|New 2021|World Champion Collaboration

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Hario V60 Drip-Assist 1-4 Cups|PDA-1524-T |New 2021|World Champion Collaboration

2013 World Barista Championship - Produced by Pete Licata

Two pore sizes, more stable brewing.
There are two apertures, so that the injected water flow rate can be more stable on the coffee.
You can brew good coffee without a professional jug.
As long as water is poured into the water dispenser, the water dispenser will evenly sprinkle small water droplets on the coffee.
Made of TRITAN heat-resistant material

Tritan is the latest plastic material developed by Eastman Company in the United States. It does not contain environmental hormones - Bisphenol A (BPA FREE) Tritan has passed the US FDA certification.

(Food Contact Notification (FCN) No. 729) ㆍThe temperature resistance of Tritan varies depending on the model, generally about 100 degrees Celsius (inclusive) boiling point to minus 40 degrees Celsius, while durability, transparency, and odor resistance are excellent! Even at high temperatures Or low-end environment will not release harmful substances and human health.

Tritan material can be heated in microwave oven, but it is not recommended for cooking food. Please remember to open the bottle cap when microwave heating to avoid excessive pressure in the bottle and cause explosion.


【Product Specifications】

Product size: length 117 × width 136 × height 147
Capacity: 1-4 cups Weight (including box): 480g
Price: 680
Material: Body: Body: PCT resin Bowl: AS resin, paper Country of origin: Made in Japan

This product is a parallel imported product.

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