KAIJIRUSHI Ceramic Grinder & Hand Brewer Set|Made in Japan

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KAIJIRUSHI Ceramic Grinder & Hand Brewer Set|Made in Japan

Since the coffee grinder and dripper are one-piece construction, you can save time and effort in transferring the ground bean powder.
The ceramic sharpener keeps the mortar free of metallic odors and does not spoil the aroma of the coffee. One or two cups of coffee can be extracted.

Put filter paper for 1-2 people in the bottom filter cup.
Put the grinder on.
Put the coffee beans into the grinder (about 10g of beans to be used in about 140ml per person).
Close the transparent cover and attach the handle.
Hold the grinder with one hand and turn the handle with the other to grind the beans in a clockwise rotation.
Put the ground coffee together with the filter on the cup and brew coffee with hot water. One cup is about 150ml, and 2 cups are about 300ml.
At the bottom of the grinder, there is a 3-angle grain size control knob, turn left for coarse grains and turn right for fine grains. But be careful, you can take out the inner ceramic grinding inner mortar by turning it all the way to the left, please be careful to drop it.

【Product Specifications】

Product Size: 185 x 160 x 103 mm
Capacity: For 1-2 cups A country of origin: Japan

This product is a parallel imported product.

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KAIJIRUSHI 陶瓷磨豆機及手沖咖啡器套裝|日本製

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