KALITA & TSUBAME - Copper Coffee Dripper|WDC-155/WDC-185|Wave Series Copper Coffee Dripper

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Size: WDC-155 1-2 cups
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KALITA & TSUBAME Copper Coffee Filter|WDC-155/WDC-185

Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture is world-renowned for its advanced metalworking technology. A testament to the town's stringent quality standards and a collection of copper/stainless steel products engraved with the words "Made by TSUBAME"
[Evidence made by TSUBAME]
This regional brand can only be called "Made in TSUBAME" for products recognized by the Yanshi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Proving it's a product with world-class swallowing technology and pride
[Glow of polishing attraction]
From pots to drippers and large cups. Polished craftsmen have finished with a glossy finish
[The beauty of the function of the dripper]
It is featured in combination with Kalita's unique flat-bottom three-hole structured wave filter. This way, even beginners can easily brew a cup of stable taste
[Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture]
A metalworking town in the center of the Echigo Plain. It accounts for more than 90% of the domestic production of Western metal tableware. Factories and artisans specializing in every process such as mould making, casting, pressing and polishing are honing their skills day and night.

Material: Copper
Weight: 200g
Size: 70×110×110mm
Applicable cups: 1~2 cups
Origin: Japan

Material: Copper
Size: 82×110×104mm
Weight: 230g
Applicable cups: 2~4 cups
Origin: Japan

To be used with Kalita wave filter paper

This product is a parallel imported product.

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KALITA & TSUBAME - 銅製咖啡濾杯|WDC-155/WDC-185|Wave Series Copper Coffee Dripper

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