KORRES - Universal Olive B5 Essential Oil 100ml Stretch Mark Removal|Hair End Oil|BB Oil

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KORRES Universal Olive B5 Essential Oil 100ml

⭐One can be used as facial essence oil, hair end oil, body skin care oil, BB oil👶🏻
Pregnant women go to stretch marks

[National Treasure B5 Repair Oil] Pregnant women and BB must-haves Original price $468➡️HKXX Mall is on sale for $339
Ultra-fine molecular technology➡️Universal lightening scars, extremely moisturizing, and elastic skin!!!

[The strongest plant-based B5] can definitely be used as BB oil, and can also replace the bio oil that many pregnant women use tight, 🧒🏻👼🤰🏻 It is only 98% natural, and it can be used by the whole family and the whole body, 100ml big stick is definitely at the door! 🥳🥳

✅Prepare and postpartum to deal with stretch marks, slip back in 2 months, light acne marks and scars

✅Universal whole family skin care -> from head to toe to toe

✅Universal safe and harmless BB oil-> Skin-friendly massage oil to treat extreme eczema

✅B5 Essence Facial Skin Care -> Moisturizing and anti-wrinkle, water and oil balance, dissolve blackheads

✅Nourishes hair ends and prevents split ends -> Rescue dyed hair

✅Both feet are lubricated to prevent cracking

✅98.7% natural -> ❌Mineral oil ❌Clogging pores ❌Allergy

Highest quality squalane (i.e. natural B5), cabbage seeds for maximum absorption and emollient power

The secret to long Mediterranean sun exposure and still keeping your skin hydrated and smooth!

⭐ Small molecule squalane (refreshing texture, higher ductility than Squalane (squalane), mild in nature, non-irritating, moisturizing but not sticky, very affinity with the surface layer of our skin, the same as the skin sebum film, Prevents water loss and achieves moisturizing effect, effectively relieves dry skin, maintains skin elasticity and plumpness, and does not cause acne and acne. The price of squalane is relatively expensive, and it is generally used in relatively high-end cosmetics.

⭐Crambush seed oil is native to the sea cabbage in the Mediterranean region. It contains about 60% high amount of erucic acid. The unique molecular structure of long-chain fatty acids has excellent antioxidant capacity and moisturizing ability, and does not clog pores, so it is very good. Suitable for use in facial skin care products, it is also very suitable for use as a massage oil, you can feel a non-greasy skin-friendly feel, and it is also an inevitable choice for hair care. Damaged dry, dull, and rough hair, a substitute for silicone and mineral oil

⭐Vitamin F, also called linoleic acid, is composed of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. If it is insufficient, it will cause dry hair, eczema and dry skin.

⭐ Contains Greek olives, vitamins C, E

⭐Free of mineral oil and silicon, 98.7% natural


🥰 BB oil/pregnant women to remove stretch marks/body essence oil: Take 3 to 4 drops on the drier part of the body and massage until absorbed

🥰Facial Essence Oil: After cleansing and toning, take one to two drops in your hands and massage it on your face; or add one to two drops to face cream

🥰Tail oil : After shampooing, when the hair is still dry, you can take three to four drops in your hand and push it away, and then apply it on the 2 to 3 inches of the hair tail

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