LION - NONIO Alcohol Free Mouthwash 1000ml|Herbal Mint

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LION NONIO Alcohol Free Mouthwash 1000ml|Herbal Mint


Use after brushing your teeth.
Use twenty milliliters of mouthwash each time.
Pour the mouthwash into the bottle cap to the scale position (about 20ml), rinse the mouth thoroughly for 20 seconds and then spit it out.
There is no need to dilute and rinse your mouth with water after use.


Not to be swallowed.
If you accidentally swallow or experience any discomfort after use, please stop using it immediately and consult your doctor with the product.
If there are abnormal symptoms in the mouth, do not use if there is damage.
Keep away from children.

Avoid direct sunlight.


Effect 1: Long-lasting fresh breath
Alcohol-free, less irritating, compared to other mouthwashes , there will be no "spicy mouth" feeling.
mild mint flavor is easy to swallow, and has a unique fruity aroma that keeps your breath fresh for a long time.
Mouthwash really stays in the mouth for 20 seconds to sterilize and lasts without breath.
Effect 2: Kill bad breath bacteria
The bactericidal ingredient Cetylpyridinium Chloride ( CPC ) reaches all corners of the tongue and mouth to kill bad breath bacteria that cause bad breath.
Effect three: long-term sterilization
The bactericidal ingredient Cetylpyridinium Chloride ( CPC ) kills the 'bad breath bacteria' floating in the entire oral cavity for a long time, continuously preventing the growth of bacteria and keeping the oral cavity completely clean.

Origin: Japan

This product is a parallel imported product.

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