Mannen Wannian Brand Ceramic Grill Mesh Charcoal Grill Grill Net Skewers Grilled Toast Fish for Business Use 20x25cm (Only for Open Fire)

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Mannen Wannian Brand Ceramic Grill Mesh Charcoal Grill Grill Net Skewers Grilled Toast Fish for Business Use 20x25cm (Only for Open Fire)

All houses and enterprises can achieve the taste of charcoal grilled skewers on the street, which is really good.
Get up early in the morning to make the whole toast, use Li’s cloak at night, and burn the whole bunch of beer Jinyan in the morning!
How versatile a ceramic grill can be! Very worthwhile

The key to the good use of the ceramic barbecue grill lies in the design of the white ceramic steel plate chassis, which makes the fire of the gas stove evenly distributed, and has high fast heating efficiency. Good cleaning, uniform heating characteristics remain unchanged.

In terms of appearance, it has a simple and fashionable appearance. It can completely bake toast that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It can be used to bake sweet or not spicy, vegetables, Japanese mochi, rice cakes and mullet roe, etc. It can completely burn your cooking soul!

Product weight: 623g
Product size: 205 (338) × 2225 × 40mm (the length in parentheses includes the handle)
Internet access: Iron (chrome)
Lower net: Iron, Ceramic Powder Processing: Phenolic Resin Place of Origin: Taiwan

Precautions for use:
Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
The white part cannot be soaked in water!
Cannot use microwave or oven. Dishwasher cannot be used with gas stove with temperature sensor.
The IH induction cooker cannot be used with an open flame. Due to the high heat accumulation of ceramics, please use medium heat to low heat when using it.
If you want to bake greasy food, you can put aluminum foil on the wire to prevent the grease from dripping on the stove.
Bottom ceramic mesh (it is normal for black spots to appear after using for a long time, it is not a problem!)
It is normal for the new ceramic chassis to have cracks, and it is normal to have some cracks during use.
Do not soak the ceramic chassis in water or scrub it hard, it can be cleaned with a dry soft brush, and the metal grill can be removed and cleaned separately.
For ingredients that have a lot of fat or water, be sure to add tinfoil before grilling.
For the first use, please directly empty the grill. Do not rinse the grill with clean water first. After the second time, you can rinse it normally and use it again . This product is only suitable for gas stoves and charcoal fires. Other heating appliances are not suitable. It is best to use less water. Ingredients

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