SanteCare Shang Hujian-The second generation of antibacterial nasal patch 5 pieces soothes nasal congestion and antibacterial

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SanteCare 2nd Generation Antibacterial Nasal Soothing Patch 5 Pieces Soothes Nasal Congestion and Anti-Bacteria

💙The 2nd generation of the nasal artifact💙 Zhou Jiawei praised the nasal patch 🉐Shang Hujian nasal patch 🤩

Multiple users have proved that daily breathing is smooth and disease is less

The 2nd generation adds more essential oils to enhance the 4 major functions

🍀Fast nose piercing

🍀Sleep peacefully and relax

🍀 Improve body defense

🍀Relieve respiratory tension and discomfort

💫Zhou Jiawei all praised Zaizai's daily use #antibacterial nasal opening day and night dual-use artifact, the body is stronger, the breathing is smooth and back to 哂

🌞 Antibacterial, anti-disease and anti-infection during the day 🌛 Sleep well at night to speed up recovery

In the flu season, it is really necessary to wake up 12 points and strengthen the protection of children! Not only do you have to wear a mask and wash your hands frequently when you go out on the street, but also a must-have #antibacterial nasal dual-purpose artifact.

Many mothers Inbox when we return the goods, and they all praise the new blue antibacterial nasal patch, especially when the weather in Hong Kong is really abnormal. 👍🏻Take it and bury it before you sleep at night, no more nasal congestion for 8 hours at night, and after a good sleep, your immunity will be strong, and your recovery will speed up! 🉐

⭕ No wonder Zhou Jiawei praised Qu with 110 points! 🈵

There must be a reason for it to be called an antibacterial nasal soothing sticker for nose piercing ✅ It is antibacterial and easy to train, so you can choose it ✨💪🏻

"Shang Hujian Antibacterial Nasal Soothing Patch"

🔶 100% natural nasal antibacterial formula, long-acting for 8 hours day and night

🔶Form a natural antibacterial protective barrier all over the body >>> antibacterial and disease resistance. Purifying air. Moisturize the respiratory tract

🔶Relieve nasal congestion and tracheal tension, relax respiratory tissues

🔶 Reduce shortness of breath and discomfort

🌞 For daily use: nasal anti-disease, anti-bacterial and anti-infection

🌛Evening use: clear the nose and sleep well, improve defense and speed up recovery

🔶No direct contact with skin

🔶 Suitable for children and adults over 6 months

🔶Origin: Italy

❌ Does not contain camphor, salicylic acid, naphthalene and other sensitive ingredients

✔ Suitable for children with poor immunity, trachea allergy and G6PD children

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