SanteCare Health Care- Respiratory Soothing Ointment 50g

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SanteCare Respiratory Soothing Ointment 50g

The water molecule formula of "Children's Cough Rescue" is absorbed very quickly 💧 penetrates the respiratory tract with one swipe

Instant relief of respiratory discomfort, #SensitiveCough⭕coughing⭕sore throat⭕tracheal sensitivity

☑Water molecule affinity formula - penetrates immediately after applying it, soothes various respiratory discomforts

☑Natural plant essential oils >>>Anti-inflammatory. Antibacterial. Calm down. Moisturize

☑Free of allergy ingredients such as camphor, menthol, salicylic acid

The children's trachea and throat are easily sensitive. When they enter the air-conditioned room from the outside, they can't stop coughing. #Sensitive cough super embarrassing, the teacher called the parents to pick up the children to see the doctor🗣

I don't want to see a doctor every time, relying on cough water, housing enterprises must have # Shanghujian Respiratory Soothing Ointment! Apply it on the neck, back and heart before using it, gently massage it for super easy absorption, the water molecule formula texture is easy to push away and doesn’t stick. 🌱It will also form a natural moisturizing protective film, no dry cough all night 😴

Moreover, the formula is natural and non-medicated, and it is no problem to apply it at night and at night. Adults can use it in every way 😴 The whole family has it 😴 Reapply it once in the morning before going back to school, all day long, and the teacher will not complain! 😌

💧Shangnujian Respiratory Soothing Ointment 50g💧

🔶Multiple natural plant essential oils (eucalyptus, peppermint, mountain pine, sweet orange, lemon, star anise)

🔶Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, calming, moisturizing

🔶Resolve sore throat and various respiratory discomforts

🔶Relieve trachea tension and discomfort, make breathing smooth

🔶Unique water molecule affinity formula, extremely fast absorption

❌ Does not contain camphor, menthol, salicylic acid and other sensitive ingredients

❌ Does not contain common chemical ingredients in ointments such as naphthalene, phenoxyethanol, and terpenes

🔷Pass sensitive skin test

🔷 Suitable for children and adults

🔷 Gently massage the neck, back and heart, the active ingredients quickly penetrate into the respiratory tract

Origin: Italy

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