SanteCare Shang Hujian - StopBleed Nosebleed Stick 4 Packs 3 Minutes Fast Nosebleed Artifact

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SanteCare StopBleed Nosebleed Sticks 4 Pack

Children's nasal membranes are thin, and it is easy to get nosebleeds once they are damaged

Mothers who have used this artifact can’t turn their heads back🉐

Elderly people who eat blood pressure pills and thin blood pills are more prone to nosebleeds

It's really rare to buy a few boxes to see the door ✨

Simple to use☝🏻

As soon as you disassemble the hemostatic stick and put it into your nose👃🏻When it comes into contact with blood, it will automatically swell and become soft and press the wound❣The patented coagulation ingredient immediately stops bleeding and heals the wound 🤝Super easy to use🆗

⭕ Stop bleeding within 3 minutes ⭕ Natural and safe

🉐Contains natural patented ingredient Stopbleed m.doc™️, which has been proved by a number of international clinical trials to quickly stop bleeding

🉐 Hemostasis is 10 times faster than normal methods and reduces bleeding by 7.5 times

🉐Form a gel protective film on the wound surface to accelerate wound healing

🉐No chemical ingredients, safe and non-irritating to the skin

🉐U.S. clinics and hospitals have used Stopbleed m.doc™️ for more than 40 years

🉐Easy to use, suitable for children and adults

* If the child's nostrils are small, the nosebleed stick can be cut to a suitable width ( a little larger than the nostril width )

Origin: United States

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