soofoo - Taiwan Made Waterproof Silver Ion Care Grade Sheets/Cleaning Pads|Anti-bacterial and anti-mite|3M Scotchguard patented moisture-wicking technology|Ruco-Bac med antibacterial and deodorant from Germany|Waterproof bed sheets

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size: Single (105x186cm)
color: Dark blue
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soofoo Taiwan-made Waterproof Silver Ion Care-Grade Sheet/Cleaning Pad| Antibacterial and anti-mite|3M Scotchguard patented moisture wicking technology|Ruco-Bac med antibacterial and deodorant

Taiwan-made 3M antibacterial and anti-mite anti-splashing cleaning pad anti-mite x antibacterial x antibacterial x prevent odor

A cleaning pad has triple effect. Wet weather sheets and bedding are easy to breed mold. The most terrible thing is that you really need to buy a cleaning pad with better air permeability for spring mattresses.

Be sure to choose the right bed bag, which is waterproof, breathable, antibacterial, and dust-proof. This is a really good bed bag. It is more suitable for people with eczema at home and sensitive nose.

If you have an elderly child with a furry child at home, you and bb are afraid of leaking urine and wet the mattress and the furry child is in the same bed, and is afraid that they will be dragging their urine. I hear your needs, so you must have a cleaning pad.

Waterproof ➖VS ➖Waterproof breathability: 🉐Waterproof>Waterproof Waterproof: Waterproof<Waterproof🉐
Mildew resistance: 🉐 Water repellent > Waterproof model Dust mites: 🉐 Water repellent, the same effect, 🉐 Waterproof model Antibacterial: 🉐 Water repellent, the same effect, 🉐 Waterproof model

German Duluf silver ion anti-mite antibacterial + 3M moisture wicking + patented TPU technology waterproof film certified by three major manufacturers, full performance and true waterproof, anti-mite and antibacterial table cloth and mattress can be used within a height of 35CM to eliminate allergens and reduce dust mite invasion

Inner beam height: 35cm ± 2cm (covering mattress height: within 32cm can be completely covered)
Table cloth: 100% ultra-fine polyester fiber (3M anti-splashing patent technology + German Duluf silver ion anti-mite antibacterial)

Sheet size:
* A. Single 3.5x6.2 feet (105x186cm)
* B. Double 5x6.2 feet (150x186cm)
* C. Enlarge 6x6.2 feet (180x186cm)

Pillow bag size:
* 45x75cm (set of two)

1/ pure white (beige)
2/ elegant grey
3/ deep sea blue
4/ mint green
5/ sky blue
6/ lotus root purple
7/ powder blue

Origin: Taiwan

Maintenance method: only low temperature / cold water machine wash, do not use softener, do not use hot water, do not iron, do not tumble dry

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WL Pang

Very good
Thank you

Nancy CK
好好用, 防水但唔焗!顏色靚質料舒適

好好用, 防水但唔焗!顏色靚質料舒適

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