T-Fence Fortification - Plastic and Rubber Whitening Reduction Spray|Plastic/Tire/Bumper_250ml

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T-Fence Plastic & Rubber Whitening Reduction Spray|Plastic/Tire/Bumper_250ml

SHOPTAKE is an authorized distributor of T-Fence fortifications in Hong Kong

The black in front of you is not black,
The white you are talking about is oxidized white.

Dressed up and went out, only to find that the car was disgraced,
The dark place is no longer dark.

For tanned skin, you can rub aloe vera, and when the car is exposed to oxidation, it turns white

Don't be disheartened,
Just give her a few seconds,
Reply to bright primary colors to make you look good.

New car maintenance anti-oxidation,
Rejuvenation of old cars can be seen!

Special modified silicone varnish, after reacting with plastic and rubber,
Extremely fast restoration, immediately visible to the naked eye!

Activates and repairs detailed scratches and abrasions at the same time,

Nano-grade molecules penetrate quickly, with 100% coverage,

Does not contain petroleum solvents, does not corrode car paint and materials,

Activated in seconds, you want your car to look brand new!

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