T-Fence Fortification-Foot Refreshing Antiperspirant Antibacterial Spray|Fresh Bath_180ml

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T-Fence Foot Fresh Antiperspirant Antibacterial Spray|Fresh Bath_180ml

SHOPTAKE is an authorized distributor of T-Fence fortifications in Hong Kong

A woman's mind has been turned over and over again,
How can I make you upset about the smell of sweat on your feet!

When Cinderella's glass slipper came to the door,

She took off her shoes and tried them on without hesitation, and then walked towards happiness.

Don't dare to take off your shoes generously, it turns out that it is not only daily tangled, but also may ruin a lifelong event.

This may be a bit heavy, because we really understand how serious sweating can be to you!

Darling, even if your route is not small and fresh,

The fortifications also promise to keep your feet walking fresh!

Spray antiperspirant antibacterial, long-lasting dryness is a must!
Then add Q10 maintenance and care, and make the beauty together!

Effective antiperspirant formula Aluminum Chlorohydrate,

It can greatly reduce the excessive sweat of the feet and remove the sticky and stuffy odor.

Combined with Piroctone Olamine antibacterial formula,

Resist the growth of bacteria, the effect is long-lasting and long-lasting.

Gently add Q10 and vitamin B12,

The feet are refreshed, and the firming and anti-aging care is also done for you!

Mild texture, no parabens,

Use it every day with peace of mind, and walk with confidence every day!

Through SGS certification, the growth rate of tinea pedis bacteria is 99.9%

Click here to see the SGS test report on the bacteriostatic activity of tinea pedis

Foot antiperspirant careful machine

Click here to see the detailed instruction on the correct use of foot freshening spray

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