T-Fence Fortification Silver Ion Deodorant and Bacteriostatic Spray|Sweetheart Freesia_280ml

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T-Fence Silver Ion Deodorant and Bacteriostatic Spray|Sweet Freesia_280ml

SHOPTAKE is an authorized distributor of T-Fence fortifications in Hong Kong

Research has shown that among the five senses,
People have the strongest memory for taste.

So what memories do you want to leave to others?

The smell of white socks, the smell of the living room rug, the smell of your body…

If it doesn't smell so good, let people sing about the smell of missing you.

The smell of the moment will determine the beauty of memories... Oh no!

The smell of the moment has already determined the beauty of the moment!

Sweet but not greasy freesia fragrance
Formulated with silver ion deodorant to quickly purify the air
Effective bacteriostatic up to 24 hours!

Inside socks shoes, toilets, pet potty, car...

Where odors or bacteria tend to breed,

Please love to use the special Ag+ silver ion formula,

The deodorizing and bactericidal effect is better than that of activated carbon.

Does not contain eight major heavy metals that are harmful to the environment,

Just spray lightly,

From today onwards, the nose will thank you.

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