T-Fence Fortification - Plastic Reduction X Coating Maintenance|Comprehensive Defense Combination of Automobile and Motorcycle

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T-Fence fortification plastic reduction X coating maintenance|Comprehensive defense combination for automobiles and motorcycles

Plastic reduction X coating maintenance

"Plastic and Rubber Whitening Reduction Spray + Ultimate 4 in 1 Coating Spray"
The perfect match for car maintenance to see how they make the BWS back in color!

"Extreme 4 in 1 Coating Spray"
Crystallization, waterproof, antifouling, maintenance, all in one bottle!
The special single silicon crystal composition forms a protective film after crystallization,
Oil stains are not easy to stick to and easy to clean;
Added Japanese technology fluoride, effective anti-water repellent,
Driving in rainy days eliminates sight fog brakes; daily protection can last up to 45 days,
Free of PFOA/PFOS carcinogens,
So extreme, a bottle for you.

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Easy plating for car and locomotive maintenance

"Plastic and Rubber Whitening Reduction Spray"
Special modified silicone varnish, after reacting with plastic and rubber,
Extremely fast restoration, immediately visible to the naked eye!
Activates and repairs detailed scratches and abrasions at the same time,
Rapid penetration of nano-scale molecules, 100% coverage,
Does not contain petroleum solvents, does not corrode car paint and materials,
Activated in seconds, you want your car to look brand new!

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Car oxidation and easy reduction

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