T-Fence Fortification - Hururu Natural Deodorant Mineral Tofu Sand|Environmental Hydrolyzed X Mineral Imitation Granules (New Packaging)

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T-FENCE Fortifications|Hururu Natural Deodorizing Mineral Tofu Sand|Environmental Hydrolysis X Mineral Imitation Granules

T-Fence Fortifications|Natural Deodorizing Mineral Tofu Sand|Environmental Hydrolysis X Mineral Imitation Granules

Still in a dilemma between ore sand and tofu sand?
The fortifications heard!

HURURU mineral tofu sand
At the same time, it has the appearance of ore sand and the characteristics of high condensation.
The natural foot feel of ore sand particles reduces the adaptation period of sand change
Let the cat owner go to the toilet with peace of mind
The water absorption and coagulation force is twice that of ordinary tofu sand
Quickly coagulates into a ball without sticking to the bottom, and flushes the toilet effortlessly
Add a small amount of activated carbon, deodorant power UP UP
Low-dust formula, firm particles, not easy to break under heavy pressure
Keep away from dust to protect pet's respiratory health
Protect the cats, Hururu will accompany you
The voices and troubles of the shit shovel officer

Flush the toilet is super convenient, shoveling shit without chasing the garbage truck
Close to the natural foot feel of mineral sand, cats can use the toilet to remove sand at ease
Add activated carbon particles to effectively reduce odor
Experiments prove that it can effectively eliminate cat litter odor
Low-dust formula, solid particles, not easy to pulverize and break

HuRuRu Mineral Tofu Sand|Measurement Video

Absorbs water quickly, condenses into a ball without sticking to the bottom, and flushes the toilet effortlessly! The granules are firm and not brittle under heavy pressure! 2 times the water absorption, see the actual measurement!

The speed of water absorption and agglomeration is 2 times that of ordinary tofu sand
What is the difference between mineral tofu sand and general bar tofu sand
Lightweight zipper design to avoid moisture problems
Food grade bean dregs and bean gum, no added flavor, so you can feel safe
Internet celebrity recommendation

Recommended by bloggers
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Recommended by bloggers
● This product contains a small amount of activated carbon, if you accidentally swallow it, please consult your doctor or veterinarian.
● Do not place directly in damp places, and keep it out of the reach of children.
● Friction debris will be generated during the production and transportation of the product, but it will not affect the use of the product.
● Do not use it for purposes other than product design.
● This product needs to be used with cat litter box.
● Do not flush the toilet too much at one time, it may reduce the hydrolysis rate and cause blockage.

HuRuRu Natural Deodorizing Mineral Tofu Sand
Main ingredients: bean curd residue, starch, guar gum
Weight: 2KG / volume 3.3L / water absorption 6L
Shelf life: 2 years
Place of Origin: Made in China, Produced in Taiwan

Suggestions for cat litter shovel
How to use mineral tofu sand
Recommended dosage

How did the mineral tofu sand come from?

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陳太 陳


重 量:2KG / 容積3.3L / 吸水量6L



4 cat daddy
真係堅好用, 損耗量相對小咗

真係堅好用, 損耗量相對小咗

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