T-Fence Fortification - Helmet Cleaning and Maintenance Set|Dry Cleaning x Deodorizing x Coating

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T-Fence Fortification Hard Hat Cleaning and Maintenance Kit|Dry Cleaning x Deodorizing x Coating

Hard hat cleaning and maintenance can also be very easy and simple

As long as the three-stroke safety helmet cleaning and maintenance can be done quickly

As long as three tricks, the cleaning and maintenance of the helmet can be quickly done!

Dry cleaning deodorant cleaning mousse adopts neutral dry cleaning formula,
Helmet liner cleaning can be done without water.
The ultimate 4-in-1 coating spray adopts a special single silicon crystal composition,
After crystallization, a protective film is formed, and oil stains are not easy to adhere to and easy to clean.
After the helmet lens is coated, the vision is clear and the driving is safer!
The special Ag+ silver ion deodorization and bacteriostatic effect is better than activated carbon,
Quickly purifies to remove internal odors.

Hard hat lined with dry cleaning deodorant cleaning mousse
No need to disassemble and wash, remove grease and odor
Extreme 4 in 1 Coating Spray Crystal Waterproof One bottle is enough for maintenance
Before use Affects vision After use Clear vision
Schematic diagram of silver ion deodorant and antibacterial spray
Continue to be antibacterial, spray on the helmet that has been stuffy all day
Dry cleaning deodorant cleaning mousse Q&A

Q: Do you really need to rinse with water? Will it remain? 
A: No, our formula is neutral and low water content, no need to wash, just use a slightly damp cloth to wipe off the dirt.

Q: What happens when I touch the skin?
A: Dry cleaning and deodorizing screen does not hurt the skin and is not irritating to the skin. It can be used with peace of mind. However, due to the different skin conditions of each person, if you feel unwell, please rinse with water and seek medical assistance.

Q: Can mold be removed?
A: It is recommended to clean and maintain regularly from the beginning, and the effect will be limited when it is moldy!

Ultimate 4 in 1 Coating Spray Q&A

In addition to the lens, the ultimate 4-in-1 coating spray can also be used on the body?
A: Yes, glass, car paint, metal and plastic lenses can be used.

Q: How long will the effect of the ultimate 4-in-1 coating spray last?
A: It is about 45 to 60 days, and the maintenance time will vary depending on the parking location and environment.

Q: How many times can one bottle of Ultimate 4-in-1 Coating Spray be used?
A: If you use it on the helmet lens, you can use about 40-50 pieces!

Silver ion deodorant and antibacterial spray Q&A

Q: What is the difference between silver ion deodorant and antibacterial spray and general aroma deodorant spray?
A: Generally, fragrances are masked deodorants, but we use silver ions and plant-based deodorants to neutralize and destroy bacteria.
Effective deodorization, and sustainable antibacterial 24 hours.

Q: Where can it be used other than helmets?
A: In addition to hard hats, it can also be used in spaces that are prone to odors, such as shoes, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, toilets, storage rooms, etc.

Q: What is the difference between you and the general market deodorants?
A: Generally, there is no guarantee on the source and origin of raw materials for commercially available deodorants. All products of the fortification are made in Taiwan, and their quality can stand the test.
In addition, the silver ion deodorant and antibacterial spray has passed the SGS verification and does not contain eight heavy metals. It is also truly effective against bacteria and can effectively inhibit the formation of dermatophyte fungi.

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