T-Fence Fortification - Pet Hair Removal Brick|No Consumables X Convenience

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T-Fence Pet Hair Removal Brick for Fortification|No Consumables X Convenience

Does the fur baby always make the family a furry world?​

Lively furry children love to roll on sheets and cloth sofas,​

There are traces of hair everywhere in the house...​The roller has torn several sheets and it is still not clean!​

Pet hair removal bricks can be reused, ​no need to match lotion, easy to clean without burden.​

Special edge design, the hair is quickly concentrated.​

No need to clean after use, ​letting you get rid of annoying sticky hairs.​

The house is full of pet hair is very troublesome

Hair removal bricks are good for cleaning sofas or cat jumping platforms

Four characteristics of hair removal bricks


The pet's home is always fluttering everywhere,

Dog hair, cat hair, rabbit hair.... all kinds of pet hair

It sticks to sheets, carpets, clothes, pillows, causing respiratory allergies and even eye allergies.

Annoying and annoying, let the fortifications come to your rescue.

Simple operation method, the lifting angle is better to use

Schematic diagram of how to clean hair removal bricks

Precautions and how to save

Product Specifications

Main material: high elastic EVA foam

Size: 100x70x20mm​

Origin: Taiwan​

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