T-Fence Fortification - Hat All-round Protection Combination|Waterproof x Deodorant x Dry Cleaning

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T-fence fortification hat all-round protection combination | waterproof x deodorant x dry cleaning

Hat cleaning in three steps

How to clean the daily hat

Clothes need to be washed, and so do hats!

Hats are good companions for dressing up.
But have you ever thought about taking good care of it?
Whenever the hat is dirty and yellowed, you will be thrown into the cold palace.
Cleaning the hat is actually just three simple steps.
The dry cleaning spray can take away the dirt without washing with water, and it will not damage the cap shape.
After the waterproof protection is completed, it can keep the best condition by isolating dirt and moisture.
After wearing, use deodorant spray to remove odor, sweat and odor while sterilizing.
From now on, no hat will be thrown away by you.

Three steps for quick cleaning and maintenance of hats
Hat Cleaning Dry Cleaning Deodorant Cleaning Mousse

No Wash No Machine Wash The ultimate weapon for cleaning hats

The utility test does not contain eight heavy metal components

Shoe wrapping pants Breathable waterproof spray

Breathable and waterproof, the rain will not leave traces of water flow
Schematic diagram of silver ion deodorant and antibacterial spray

Continuous antibacterial, deodorant and antibacterial formula effectively decomposes odors

Safe to use, free of eight heavy metals
Dry Cleaning Waterproof Deodorant Instructions for Use

Dry cleaning deodorant cleaning mousse Q&A

Q : In addition to the inner lining, can the outer side also be used?
A : Yes, not only the inner side, but also the outer side can be cleaned

Q : Will the color fade after use?
A : Not under normal circumstances, but for dark linings, mutual staining may occur, please pay more attention to this part. 

Breathable long-lasting waterproof spray Q&A

Q : Can hats also be used? How much does it take to spray?
A : Yes, as long as it is cloth leather, it can be used. Depending on the material, it is recommended to spray 1-2 layers thinly. 

Q : Can I wash it after spraying?
A : It can be cleaned normally with neutral detergent. After air-drying, the waterproof effect can be maintained by using it again.

Silver ion deodorant and antibacterial spray Q&A

Q : How often do you use it?
A : It can be used after every wearing, which can prevent the growth of internal bacteria. 

Q : Will it hurt the scalp?
A : No, silver ion deodorant and antibacterial spray has passed SGS verification, which can effectively antibacterial and inhibit the formation of dermatophyte fungi.

Fortifications Dry Cleaning Deodorant Cleansing Mousse

Main ingredients: surfactant, deodorant, water
Internal capacity: 250ml
Shelf life: 5 years
Origin: Taiwan

sgs SGS inspection report number:
UG/2018/41476|Free of eight heavy metals UG/2018/41477A-01|Anti-bacterial for tinea capitis>99.9%

Fortification breathable long-lasting waterproof spray

Main components: Fluorine resin, solvent, propellant gas (LPG)
Internal capacity: 280ml
Shelf life: 5 years
Origin: Taiwan

SGS inspection report number:
CE/2016/B4383|Free of carcinogens PHOA/PHOS

Fortification Silver Ion Deodorant and Bacteriostatic Spray

Main ingredients: silver ions, botanical deodorant, antibacterial agent, fragrance
Internal capacity: 280ml
Shelf life: 5 years
Origin: Taiwan

SGS inspection report number:
UG/2018/71635|Does not contain eight heavy metals
UG/2018/71636|Bacteriostatic ability of common bacteria>99.9%
UG/2018/71637|Bacteriostatic activity against dermatophytes>99.9%


Do not use it for purposes not designed for the product, and use it in a well-ventilated environment away from fire.
In case of accidental contact with eyes, skin or accidental ingestion, please rinse with plenty of water and seek medical assistance immediately.
Do not store this product near fire or direct sunlight, and keep it out of the reach of children.
Do not use for high unit price or special materials such as leather, cloth and food and drink tableware.
● In order to avoid some special materials may be slightly discolored after use, please spray a small amount on the inconspicuous place for the first use, and then use it after confirming that it is correct.

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