T-Fence Fortification - Hururu Persimmon Tannin Shine Smoothing Hair Dry Scrub|Clean X Deodorant_Unscented_200ml

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T-Fence Fortification|Hururu Persimmon Tannin Shine Smoothing Hair Dry Scrub|Clean X Deodorant_Unscented_200ml

Hairy child dirty index score table

Bathing a furry child doesn't have to be like war!

Those who take a bath obediently are other people's fur babies.

Bathing your own furry baby would only be like the war of the worlds!

Hururu Persimmon Tannin Shine Smooth Hair Dry Bath,

Removes dirt without washing,

Added Japanese persimmon tannin deodorant to effectively remove odor.

Food-grade ingredients, dogs, cats and cats can lick it without any problems!

Save the trouble of taking it to the pet store for washing,

Easy to clean fur baby no more stinky!​

Pet dry cleaning formula, no need to wash, can take away dirt

Dry bath for pets, easy to take a bath, no need to wash

Pet Dry Bath, Product Features

Added Japanese persimmon tannin

Test report page

Dry bath ingredients are revealed


Works better with grooming gloves


● A small amount of this product is not harmful to licking. If you accidentally swallow a large amount, please seek veterinary assistance.

● If your pet has skin disease, please consult your doctor before use.

● Please store this product in a cool place and keep it out of the reach of children.

● Do not use it for purposes other than product design.

Trial experience collection

Hu'RuRu|Persimmon tannin shine and smooth hair dry bath

Main ingredients: Japanese persimmon tannin, sorbitol, sodium lactate, betaine, nicotinamine, sodium citrate, citric acid, vitamin B12, glycerin, water​
Internal capacity: 200ml

​Shelf life: 3 years​
Origin: Taiwan

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