T-Fence Fortification - Smoothing Pet Grooming Gloves|Single Entry

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T-Fence Defensive Fur Soft Grooming Gloves|Single Entry

Hu'ruru pet grooming gloves for a variety of
Long, short, curly pets,​

Easily clean up the waste hair on the fur boy,​

Properly solve the problem of pet hair sticking all over your home.​

Soft silicone particles can massage dogs, cats and cats at the same time,​

Use with persimmon tannin for a bright, smooth hair dry bath,​

There is no need to spend a lot of time to clean the fur baby and send it to the pet store,​

At home, you can give the furry child the top enjoyment like a SPA.

Grooming gloves easily remove waste hair and massage at the same time

Silicone material is not easy to pull hair, combing is not resistant

Easily clean up pet waste​

Special design, massage + combing at one time

Matching recommendation - persimmon tannin shiny smooth hair dry bath​

Pet dry cleaning formula, no need to wash, can take away dirt



● This product can be used with pet lotion or dry bath.​

● Suitable for all kinds of long, short and curly pets​

● Do not use it for purposes other than product design.

Hu'RuRu|Grooming Gloves (Single Entry)

Material: silicone, flannel

Origin: Designed in Taiwan, Made in China

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