T-Fence Fortification - Sofa Products Dry Cleaning Mousse|Scentless_250ml

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T-Fence Fortification Sofa Products Dry Cleaning Mousse|Unscented_250ml

Uncontrolled fur babies always make a mess of the sofa!​

Maybe you don't have to be so tired.​

Does the rebellious hairy baby always like to go to the sofa or bed to defecate?​

The sheets can also be removed for washing, and the sofa cannot be put in the washing machine for cleaning.​

Whether it is a leather sofa or a cloth sofa, it is quite laborious to clean!

If the cleaning is not clean enough, the smell will remain, ​

This nightmare can actually be easily solved.​

Common crises for cloth products include peeing on the carpet and spilling drinks on the sofaConvenient water-free way, dry cleaning mousse for sofa products

No need to rinse with water to clean the dirt, deodorization and cleaning are done in one move.​

Completely neutral dry cleaning formula, ​

Using foaming foam, it is more powerful to automatically neutralize dirt!​

For carpets, sofas, plush dolls that are difficult to clean and cannot be exposed to moisture, ​

Simply take away the dirt without hurting it.​

Add a deodorant to eliminate annoying odors.​

May the filth not be with you!​

For sofas, for cloth products, one bottle can achieve cleaning and deodorizing functions

Schematic diagram of the action of foaming foam

It can also be used in cat scratches, carpets, cushions, computer chairs, plush toys and other items

Easy to use


. Do not use it for non-product design purposes, and use it in a well-ventilated environment away from fire.​

. In case of accidental contact with eyes, skin or ingestion, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical assistance immediately.​

. Do not store this product near fire, direct sunlight, and keep it out of the reach of children.​

. In order to avoid some special materials may be slightly discolored after use, please spray a small amount on the inconspicuous place for the first time, and then use it after confirming that it is correct.

Product Specifications

Main ingredients: surfactant, deodorant, water​

Internal capacity: 250ml​

Shelf life: 5 years ​

Origin: Taiwan

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