T-Fence Fortification - Sneakers Daily Care Set|Waterproof Spray x Deodorant Spray

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T-fence fortification sneakers daily maintenance set|waterproof spray x deodorant spray

daily troubles of sneakers

Say goodbye to the muddy rain and let your shoes get soaked
you have better options 
10 minutes fast waterproof, spray before going out too late!   
Exclusive environmentally friendly Japanese fluorine, which quickly forms invisible nano-films.  
Effectively waterproof and dirt-proof, and keep shoes breathable and soft  
You can walk freely even in a sudden downpour,  
Whether sneakers, suede shoes or canvas shoes,  
Never worry about your shoes getting wet again. 
The herbal deodorant formula effectively repels the odor in the shoes! 
Wearing shoes is stuffy all day, and the odor in the shoes can't be dissipated?  
Deodorant spray color natural plant essential oil formula, 
The special Ag+ silver ion effect is superior to activated carbon. 
Bacteriostatic up to 24 hours! 
The daily maintenance of love shoes is to take into account both inside and outside. 
Daily maintenance of sneakers
Maintain first, then sterilize

Breathable long-lasting waterproof spray Silver ion antibacterial deodorant spray
Wet when splashed, breathable and waterproof, and the sky is not afraid of getting wet shoes

Form full water droplets and impermeable

Deodorant and Bacteriostatic Formula

Neutralize odor effectively decompose odor

Instructions for use

and long-lasting waterproof spray Q&A

Q: How many pairs of shoes can be sprayed in one can?
A: It varies depending on the size and material of the shoes. About 10 pairs of men's shoes can be sprayed, while about 12 pairs of women's shoes.

Q: Will it affect the breathability after use?
A: The waterproof spray is of nano-molecular grade, so it has both water repellency and breathability. If the pores of the shoe material are too large, moisture will still enter the shoe.

Q: How long does the waterproof spray last? How often do you need to re-spray?
A: There will be slight differences depending on the material. Most of them can last for more than 30 days without rain. If it is generally light rain, it is recommended to re-spray about two to three weeks. One to two weeks to re-spray.

Q: Is the waterproof spray only waterproof?
A: In addition to being waterproof, it is also effective in resisting dirt, dust and oxidation.

Silver ion deodorant and antibacterial spray

Q: What is the difference between silver ion deodorant and bacteria-killing spray and general aroma deodorant spray?
A: Generally, fragrances are masked deodorants, but we use silver ions and plant-based deodorants to neutralize and destroy bacteria.
Effective deodorization, and sustainable antibacterial 24 hours.

Q: Where can it be used other than sneakers?
A: In addition to being used for sneakers, it can also be used in spaces that are prone to odor, such as helmets, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, toilets, storage rooms, etc.

Q: What is the difference between you and general market deodorants?
A: Generally, there is no guarantee of the source and origin of raw materials for deodorants on the market. All products of the fortification are made in Taiwan, and their quality can stand the test.
In addition, the silver ion deodorant and antibacterial spray has passed the SGS verification and does not contain eight heavy metals. It is also truly effective against bacteria and can effectively inhibit the formation of dermatophyte fungi.

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