T-Fence Fortification - Shoe Agent x Waterproof Spray|Sneakers Basic Cleaning Group

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T-Fence Fortification Shoe Agent x Waterproof Spray|Sneakers Basic Cleaning Group

Do you envy others for wearing new shoes every day? Clean them first, then waterproof them. You can too

First remove the dirt to restore the original appearance, and then spray on the waterproof and anti-dirty protective cover

Provide all-round protection for your shoes.
Respond to emergencies at any time

No longer have to worry about how much dirt you pass by,
Wash your shoes and add a waterproof and antifouling spray to keep your sneakers looking like new.
You don't need to wash it, and you can easily take care of your sneakers.
Shoe washing agent cleaning and maintenance double-effect spray
Whether it is suede, canvas, woven, mesh, leather,
Easily clean the difficult dirt stained on various shoe uppers,
Washing shoes is no longer a hassle.
Spray with breathable waterproof spray,
Complete protection for your favorite shoes for more than 30 days!

Canvas shoes are dirty before washing, but they look brand new after washing
Daddy shoe cleaning

Daddy's shoes are impermeable to water droplets, helping anti-fouling and anti-oxidation
Vanv old skool suede waterproof test

Schematic diagram of deep cleaning of shoe washing agent

Scope of use, different tools can be matched according to different materials
Breathable waterproof spray for shoes, coats and pants, waterproof, anti-fouling, breathable

How to use, clean first, then waterproof

Shoe Agent Q&A
Q: What materials cannot be used?
A: It is not recommended to use on dyed items, such as special suede and dyed leather. Before use, be sure to do a color fastness test on the inconspicuous part of the shoes (wipe with a wet towel) to make sure that the color will not fade before cleaning; if it will fade, please use it carefully.
Q: How many pairs of shoes can be used in one bottle?
A: Basic cleaning can clean about 40 pairs of shoes, and the average cleaning cost per pair of shoes is about $9.7. (The amount of cleaning will vary depending on the scope of cleaning and the size of the shoe.)
Q: How to store the brush after use?
A: Please be sure to drain the water on the brush after use, and put the bristles down to prolong the service life of the natural wood brush.
Q: Can I use other shoe washing tools?
A: We come with a bristle brush, which is suitable for all shoes. However, it is difficult to penetrate into the narrow gaps, so you can use a toothbrush with brushing. The soles can be cleaned with a stiff brush or a laundry brush for a more perfect cleaning effect.

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