T-Fence Fortifications - Shoe Washing Agent x White Shoes Girlfriend|Comprehensive Cleaning and Yellowing Complementary Color Group

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T-Fence fortification shoe-washing agent x white shoes girlfriends|Comprehensive cleaning and yellowing complementary color group

The trouble of white shoes

Do not ask for dirty shoes to wash easily

No need to go out to find a shoe cleaner
Also make your white shoes as white as new
Comprehensive cleaning of various shoe materials
Whether you are suede, canvas, woven, leather, rubber sole
Spray first and then brush, all kinds of shoes are easy to clean
Clean and maintain at the same time, clean sneakers without hurting your hands
Well-known influencers strongly recommend! !

I'm really worried that the yellowing of white shoes can't be washed off!

White shoes girlfriends use a new formula,

It has excellent ductility and is not easy to crack.
Boost, Force, Jordan series shoes are suitable.
Easily fill in color, quickly repair the yellowing of the shoe edge.
Quickly brighten and restore, repairing old shoes gives it a second chance to be loved!

Wash shoes first and then color-up

Comprehensive cleaning and maintenance

Have the ultimate decontamination for your good friend
White Girlfriends Yellowing Complementary Pen

White shoes must be yellowed savior White shoes girlfriends

Comprehensive cleaning of various shoe materials

Deep cleaning, cleaning and maintenance once done item shoe washing agent test:Y3 pure boost

Simple and easy to use, that is, whitening, yellowing soles, breaking off item white shoes girlfriends test:Y3 Pure Boost

Quickly brighten yellowed old shoes and get a new lease of life test:Y3 Pure Boost

Rebirth of Love Shoes, Bright White as New after Use

Rebirth of old shoes, whitening after use item Shoe washing agent/white shoes girlfriend test AIR JORDAN HIGH BRED

Classic rebirth, farewell to yellowing item white shoes girlfriends test:NIKE AIR MAX97

Instructions for use
Fortification Shoe Washing Agent
Main ingredients: plant enzymes, coconut oil, jojoba oil, water, fragrance
Internal capacity: 100ml
Shelf life: 3 years
Origin: Taiwan

Fortification white shoes girlfriends

Main ingredients: emulsifier, resin, water
Internal capacity: 8ml
Shelf life: 3 years
Origin: Taiwan

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