T-Fence Fortifications - Hururu Thin Tofu Sand|Environmentally friendly washable X not easy to carry sand

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T-FENCE Fortifications|Hururu Thin Tofu Sand|Environmentally friendly washable X not easy to carry sand​ Environmentally friendly hydrolysis, strip-shaped tofu sand

Environmentally friendly hydrolysis, strip-shaped tofu sand

Does the cat's sand and falling sand problems make you crash cleaning?

HURURU thin tofu sand​
The ultra-fine 2mm width makes the usage more economical!​
Compared with traditional strip-shaped tofu sand and sawdust sand, it is easier to adapt,​
And can effectively reduce the cat owner with sand.​
After the high temperature sterilization production process, it is not easy to grow mold and insects.​
Quickly coagulates into a lump without sticking to the bottom, and flushes the toilet effortlessly​
No added fragrance, let the cat go to the toilet with peace of mind​
Low dust formula, firm texture, not easy to break and chalk​
Keep away from dust to protect cat respiratory health​
Guarding the cats, Hururu will accompany you​

The voices and troubles of the shit shovel officer

Flush the toilet is super convenient, shoveling shit without chasing the garbage truck

2mm thin strip design, not stuck on the soles of the feet, away from desertification
High temperature sterilization, 100 degrees high temperature sterilization, not easy to grow mold and insects
Not easy to pulverize, stir and bake at 120 degrees high temperature, improve hardness and water absorption, and reduce dust generation.​
The zipper bag is sealed, and it is not easy to be damp and moldy when used in different times.
Made of natural tofu dregs and plant fibers, no added flavor.

What is the difference between bar-shaped tofu sand and mineral tofu sand?

● A small amount of this product is safe to swallow. If you accidentally swallow a large amount, please consult a physician or veterinarian for assistance.​
●Do not place it in a damp place directly, and keep it out of the reach of children.​
●Friction debris will be generated during the production and transportation of the product, but it will not affect the use of the product.​
●Do not use for purposes other than product design.​
●This product needs to be used with a single-layer cat litter box.

HuRuRu thin strip tofu sand 
Main ingredients: bean curd residue, starch, guar gum​
Built-in capacity: 2KG / volume 3.3L / water absorption 6L ​
Shelf life: 2 years ​
Place of Origin: Made in China, Produced in Taiwan

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