T-Fence Fortification - Anti-falling Sand Washable Cat Litter Pad|Collection X Utilization (2 Pieces/Group) Cat Toilet Sand Separator

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T-FENCE Fortifications|Anti-falling sand washable cat litter pad|Collection and utilization (2 pieces/group) cat toilet litter pad After raising cats, is your home also on the verge of "desertification"?

Do naughty cats always turn your home into a desert?​

The owner is not happy if he does not take the cat litter out of the cat litter box when he goes to the toilet!​
Prevent the room from desertification and cat litter falling all over the floor,​
You need the best fallout pads!​
11mm single-layer groove design, easy to collect falling sand.​
The EVA material gives the master an unparalleled comfortable pedaling feeling,​
Easily collects falling sand and can also be used as a placemat.​
Let the cat dig sand to the fullest without worrying about it!

Single-layer groove design, ​cat litter falls naturally, ​easy to collect falling sand.
Falling sand is collected and reused to keep away from desertification at home!
40-degree high-stretch EVA material, creating a comfortable pedaling feeling.
Washable and quick-drying material, easy to clean and not afraid of getting dirty!
Versatile​, easily collects falling sand and can also be used as a placemat or floor mat.
Moderate size, not easy to deform
Single-layer small size design, not easy to bend and deform, easy to use. ​"
Through the SGS test, there are no eight heavy metals.
Free combination​, a variety of splicing methods, choose the most suitable method~
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This product is suitable for all kinds of cat litter.​
Do not clean this product with detergent or vegetable melon cloth, please wash it with clean water and dry it in the shade.​
Do not use for purposes other than product design.​
Do not store this product near fire.​

Hu'ruru Anti-falling Sand Washable Cat Litter Pad (2pcs/set)

Main material: high elastic foam EVA​
Product specification: 33.5x50X1.1±0.5 cm (single piece) ​
Weight: 105±10g (single piece) ​
Origin: Taiwan

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