T-Fence Fortification Anti-Fog Agent|Strong Lens Anti-Fog Spray 50ml

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T-Fence Fortification Anti-Fog Agent|Strong Lens Anti-Fog Spray_50ml

One spray, two swipes, instant results
Rainy days, foggy days, hard hats and glasses are very troublesome
The lens does not fog up, ending the Samboro
Cycling in the rain, the helmet lens is always easy to fog up!
Annoying fog robs clear vision and loses thousands of degrees of vision!
Even breathing must be careful,
Accidentally became a mobile god card,
Hard hats are not safe at all! fog woo woo
Anti-fog agent, powerful lens anti-fog agent
Anti-fog cleaning double effect,
Keep the mirror surface of the helmet clear and translucent,
Quick results, no hurry to go out,
Odorless and harmless, no damage to the original lens coating,
Also you have a clear line of sight, keep driving safety,
Plastic, glass, all kinds of lenses are applicable!
Anti-fog agent, fast anti-fog
Forms a smooth water film in seconds to prevent fog generation
After using the lens, the vision is clear and the riding is safer
No fogging of the lens, clearer vision
Double effect, anti-fouling, safe
Scope of application
How to use
The inner lining is clean, the outer side is coated, and the lens is anti-fog

●Do not use for purposes other than product design.​
●Before use, please confirm that there is no sand and dust on the lens to avoid scratches when wiping.​
●In case of accidental contact with eyes, skin or accidental ingestion, please rinse with plenty of water and seek medical assistance immediately.
​●Do not store this product in direct sunlight, and keep it out of the reach of children.

Main ingredients: silicone, emulsifier, isopropyl alcohol, fragrance​
Internal capacity: 50ml​
Shelf life: 3 years​
Origin: Taiwan

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Ka wai Ip

T-Fence 防御工事 防霧特工|強效鏡片防霧噴霧 50ml

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