T-Fence Fortification - Suede Cleaning Trio|Scrub/Gum/Bristle Brush

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T-Fence Fortification - Suede Cleaning Trio|Scrub/Gum/Bristle Brush

【How to clean suede shoes? Wrong cleaning will pay off! ]​

Have you ever wondered how to clean suede shoes?
The suede material is extremely sensitive, and it gets angry when it is washed with water.
There are all kinds of troubles such as knotting, fading, and hardening of the fluff.
As long as the maintenance method is wrong, the whole pair of shoes is difficult to save!

【Three-piece set of defensive suede, the dirt is immediately cleaned! ]​

To solve the problem of dirty suede, you only need this set!
Lightweight and easy to carry, it can quickly decontaminate with wiping and cleaning.
Can effectively avoid the fate of suede fading and hardening,
No-rinse cleaning, easy to return your favorite shoes to their original perfect condition!​

[The most rammed shoes, you must buy it! ]​

Suede Upper - NB990, NB991, NB992, NB2002R, NB327
Midsole - NIKE DUNK, Airforce
Nubago Upper - Timberland

・Do not use for purposes other than product design.
Do not use the abrasive block on the surface of general leather and patent leather to avoid scratches.
Dyeing leather may fade due to poor color fastness, please test it before it is obvious.

・Product Specifications

Material: bristle, log, rubber, silicon dioxide
Size: 6.5x9.5x4cm
made in China

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