T-Fence Fortification - Hururu LULU~ Pet Foot Hair Safety Electric Clipper|Sole x Butt

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T-Fence Fortification - Hururu LULU~ Pet Foot Hair Safety Electric Clipper|Sole x Butt

Reject the hairy hands and feet, let the meatballs breathe fresh air!

Pets slip and fall when running, and cat litter and bacteria are easily trapped in the gaps between the soles of their feet​
Is the meat ball always blocked by hair and cannot dissipate heat?​
LULU~ Pet foot hair safety electric shears, let the meat balls see the light of day again!​
​1 cm mini cutter head, deep shaving, leaving no gaps​
The knife head reserves a safe distance to prevent pets from being injured by tampering​
Ceramic material cutter head, fast heat dissipation, the body does not get hot​
Two-stage bass and low frequency, timid cats and dogs are not anxious​
The positioning comb accurately reserves the trimming length to reduce errors​
LED lights illuminate every little detail, USB charging is convenient and fast​
Warranty Description ● The warranty period is determined from the "shipment date" of the product, and the warranty period is three months.​
● The warranty scope of this product is limited to the damage of electronic function, which causes the product to fail to operate normally. Free maintenance or replacement service is provided during the warranty period.
(Appearance damage does not apply)
● The company reserves the right to modify the product warranty terms.
Precautions ● Do not disassemble this product without authorization.​
● This product is not waterproof, please do not rinse with clean water.​
● It should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment to prolong its service life.​
● If the power cord is damaged, replace it immediately to avoid danger.​
● Avoid exposing the power cord to ensure safe use.​
● Do not charge in an environment above 40 degrees and below 0 degrees.​
● Do not use it for purposes other than product design.

LULU~ Pet Foot Hair Safety Scissors|Product Size: w3 x h16.5 cm​
Weight: 97g
Place of Origin: China Product Material: Blade - Stainless Steel/Ceramic; Body - ABS Plastic​
Product accessories: USB charging cable x1​, maintenance oil x1​, cleaning brush x1

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