T-Fence Fortifications- REVO CASE|Dolls, Sneakers Collection Storage Display Box

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T-FENCE Fortification REVO CASE|Dolls, sneakers collection storage display box

From 1 set to 12, all kinds of collection display

Space, create freely; collect, display as much as you like.

This is the REVO CASE collection storage display box,
It can be assembled and extended freely, breaking the unchanging frame,
According to your needs, use your imagination, and create your own collection display space.

The whole set of display boxes are placed

Collection, it should be well appreciated.

The door is made of high-strength PC material (transmittance>90%),
Whether it's dolls, dolls, shoes, perfumes, souvenirs or small things,
It can be fully displayed, and it also has the effect of dust protection.

The light transmittance of the door is 90%, and the display can be clearly seen

The interior space can accommodate and display a variety of treasures
▲ The internal space of a single REVO CASE is 35 x 16.6 x 26.3 cm,
Complete display: 1 pair of tall US13 Jordan shoes or 2 New Era hats,
6 Jo Malone perfumes, 8 6-inch One Piece dolls, and 36 Lego miniatures.

Flip combination, space expansion

The height of the display box is not enough? It doesn't matter, just by flipping easily,
Two display boxes can be combined to expand into a large display box.
You can output it yourself to help the doll increase the background
▲ The height of the interior space of the expanded display box is 33.7cm,
It can meet the needs of displaying 12-inch dolls (such as: Marvel heroes).
The original door can be turned into a split, no additional purchases are required.
You can output it yourself to help the doll increase the background
▲ After REVO CASE expands the space, it can collect all kinds of collections and displays.

Chainable link design to create unique display methods
Through the design that can be connected to each other, whether it is connected up and down or left and right,
You can easily create a collection display area with your personal style,
The flexible gameplay makes the space no longer static.
Chainable link design to create unique display methods
Display collections, expand space

Combined reference

Revo Cases can be created in different combinations depending on the quantity.
If you want to make the space change as you like, the 12-piece combination will be your first choice.
Light collectors can consider a 24-piece combination to display the collection space independently.
If you are a collector of fanatics or you are on the road to collectors, the 48-piece combination will be a good choice you can't miss.
Different combinations can be created according to different quantities
※ Due to weight-bearing safety considerations, it is not recommended to have more than two groups of horizontal connections
1. The stacking weight of the box body: 50 kg (10 groups can be stacked up)
2. Horizontal suspension weight: 5 kg (limited to 2 sets of horizontal connections)
3. Internal weight of the box: 10 kg

Inner partition

Are there any top covers? ​Left and right tenon design, turn the top cover into an inner partition in one second​
It is the upper cover and the laminate

Flat disassembly design
It can also be stored flat when not in use, saving space.
It can also be stored flat when not in use, saving space
▲ The volume of 1 set of display boxes = 3 sets of flat display boxes can be stored

usage scenario
Show the perfect side of sneakers
Entire set of sneakers on the porch
The interior space can be expanded according to the size of the doll
Doll display
Can be freely assembled as required
Souvenirs and collectibles display

Assembly teaching

Revo Case Collection Storage Display Box|Product Specifications
Display Box Single Entry & Expanded Dimensions
Single entry dimensions: 38 x 19 x 28 cm (without handle)
Single entry internal dimensions: 35 x 16 x 26.3 cm
Single entry weight: 1040 g
Box body material: polypropylene (PP)
Door material: Polycarbonate (PC)
Origin: Taiwan
Accessories: connecting column x 4, lateral reinforcement accessories x1, suspension support accessories x1

Recommended with
REVO CASE| ​​Ladder display rack for gashapons and dolls
The display space is spacious and can display about 25-40 gashapon dolls
▲ The size of the ladder display rack is designed for REVO CASE,
The display space is spacious and can display about 25-40 gashapon dolls
※ It varies according to the size of the gashapon.
Tenon-type structure, easy storage without taking up space
▲ The combined tenon form allows you to store it easily when you don't need it, without occupying your precious space.
The use of 4mm thick high-transparent acrylic not only increases the strength, but also adds a bevel to all the edges to enhance the texture.

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