T-Fence Fortification - REVOCASE CUBE Pocket Collection Storage Display Box|Gacha, Figures

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T-Fence Fortification - REVOCASE CUBE Pocket Collection Storage Display Box|Gacha, Figures

Uphold the spirit of small things storage, break the scattered scene, and provide you with a complete storage display box, which can be stacked freely and extended infinitely!
Get out of the boring and boring frame, let your tiny little things also show their talents, and build a small healing fortress by yourself!

Exquisite and compact space, suitable for tabletop doll storage, easy to store a variety of small display objects, reduce dust accumulation!
A variety of combinations, to meet the space requirements, create your own collection small area!

Double size, modular design,
Unlimited extension of any combination!

Get rid of the single-size appearance in the past, REVOCASE CUBE & MINI adopts the same modular design of the tenon, so that the mutual matching is more complete, the matching and combination are more diverse, and it is easy to create your own unique style!

The design of the lift-in and retracted door pieces prevents dust intrusion,
Favorite No Longer Hair!

▲ No need to pick up the whole cover anymore, the independent lift-up door piece can easily replace each small object collection, dustproof in one second, replacement in three seconds, REVOCASE CUBE allows you to do whatever you want!

unobstructed and completely transparent,
360 degree zero dead angle perfect display!

The cute gashapon dolls will also be placed out!
The whole box is made of high-transmittance PS material, even if the layers are stacked, it will not affect the lighting of the lower layer, more than 100 points!

Colorful colors, changeable combinations,
Match your personal style!

In addition to being transparent, it also plans to launch various colorful colors.
Not only the exhibits need to be taken seriously, but even the display box can be the focus of attention!

Multiple accessories, level upgrade,
Easy to complete the full score display effect!

▲ With a small display rack, the collectibles are no longer obscured by each other,
The mutual reflection of the box body and accessories perfectly presents the layered sense of collection!

REVOCASE CUBE, so that your small storage is no longer just a messy ending,
Clean up your messy little things and create your own little corner!​

Easily create a sense of hierarchy and break the existing display frame!
The variety and choice of REVOCASE CUBE, the style is not restricted,​

From the room to the studio, healing objects fill every space,​
Let REVOCASE CUBE create an exclusive healing corner for you!​

REVOCASE CUBE can create exclusive healing corners according to different quantities and colors.

12 Entering the group can enrich the display and easily play with your unique personality.
If you belong to a light collection, you can consider joining the group of 18, and it is even more satisfying to have a whole display wall.
If you have entered the realm of experts, the 24 group will be the best supporting role for you to create an exclusive collection castle, no one.
※ The tenon part is only for positioning, if it needs to be placed in the air, it needs to be fixed separately
Can be placed vertically or horizontally
Don't be afraid even on the wall!
▲ Using 3M™ Dual Lock™ 300-type snap-on buckle,
Correct use of a single box can load up to 2 kg!
Not only on the desktop, but also on the wall to add more layers,
Make your display a one-of-a-kind lifestyle!
※ It is recommended to use 8 pieces for each box body for fixing
Size: 9.5*8*9.5 cm
Weight: 113 g
Material: PS polystyrene

Size: 19*8*9.5 cm
Weight: 188 g
Material: PS polystyrene

* Please do not drop heavily to avoid product damage.​
* Please do not use it for purposes other than product design.​
* Some edges are sharp, please keep it out of the reach of children.​
* Do not expose to direct sunlight or place in high temperature.​

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