T-Fence Fortification - Scratch Agent Scratch Repair Cream|Fine Marks/Sunline/Paint_60ml (Towel Included)

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T-Fence Scratch Removal Agent Scratch Repair Cream|Fine Marks/Sunline/Paint_60ml (Towel Included)

flaws in perfection

always disturbing

on a flawless surface,

No matter how small the smudge,

It makes you feel uncomfortable.

When I couldn't bear to look directly at the trace that destroyed the beauty,

Always look forward to looking back as if this tragedy never happened.

Please don't be annoyed anymore, let us restore your regret.


gloss reduction

Fine lines and scratches are fleeting

Very finely ground particles,

Smoothes out scratches without leaving a mark.

Whether it is paint scratches, difficult to remove rust spots,

Immediately after a smear, the gloss is restored!

Since then,

No more frustrating about those perfect-destroying scratches.


*This product is a grinding product that requires force operation, DIY experience is preferred

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