T-Fence Fortifications- White Shoes Bestie|White Shoes Bestie_Yellow Complementary Pen

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T-Fence White Shoes Bestie|White Shoes Bestie_Yellow Color Pen

SHOPTAKE is an authorized distributor of T-Fence fortifications in Hong Kong

Not all old shoes should be forgotten!

Every shoe cabinet has a pair of forgotten white shoes,

It has weathered storms with you,

Traveled everywhere, leaving traces of yellowing and wear,

But you just can't bear to remember the bright white and flawless beauty.

It's really annoying that the shoes turn yellow and can't be washed off!

White shoes girlfriends use a new formula,
The ductile coating is not easy to crack,

Instant whitening, giving old shoes a second chance to be loved!

Apply easily for 3-5 minutes,

Quickly repair yellowing, easy to brighten and restore!

Rescue yellowing NMD, boost
↓↓↓Look here↓↓↓

How to rescue a large area of yellowing
↓↓↓White shoe agent look here↓↓↓

Sole filler and complementary color pen, white shoe polish, white shoe savior

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