Thermos - Shuttle Chef IH 3L Tabletop Vacuum Cooker / Vacuum Cooker Japan Version

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Thermos - Shuttle Chef IH 3L Tabletop Vacuum Cooker / Vacuum Cooker Japan Version

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THERMOS KBG-3000 Stew Pot 3L can greatly shorten the cooking time and make the ingredients more delicious. When cooking with it, add ingredients and water to the inner pot of the pot, cook for ten minutes, then put it into the simmering pot, cover the lid and simmer. The simmering time can be controlled by yourself. During the simmering process, the ingredients The moisture can be completely retained, which can better maintain the original taste and nutrition of the food.

The inner lid of KBG-3000 is made of tempered glass. You can observe the situation in the pot while cooking. The pot wall is thick enough to store heat. The outer lid has a magnetic suction, which can be used together or separately. The heat preservation effect of the stew pot is first-class, and the boiled ingredients can be kept at 71 degrees Celsius after 6 hours. The pot body does not contain harmful ingredients, so the big brands can use it with confidence.

Ontology (approx.):

31×26.5× 19cm
Conditioning pot maximum inner diameter: about 20cm
Weight: about 2.7kg

This item is a parallel imported item.

ãµã¼ã¢ã¹ çç©ºä¿ æ¸©èª¿ çå¨ã·ã£ãã«ã·ã§ã KBG-3000

ãµã¼ã¢ã¹ çç©ºä¿ æ¸©èª¿ çå¨ KBG-3000ã·ã£ãã«ã·ã§ã

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Virginia 葉太

Thermos - Shuttle Chef 膳魔師 IH 3公升 座枱型真空燜燒鍋/真空煲 日本版

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